20 years or so ago, armed with only my family and true friends, a borrowed 4-track cassette recorder, bits and pieces of borrowed instruments, a Super 8 camera, things I found in the garage to beat on, no insurance, no money and no ability to work...a series of events as a young graduate student at the University of Miami School of Music happened to hit all at once, screwing up my immune system. Losses, deaths, hostility, jealousy, freeloading apple juice thieves...all exasperated by the consumption of 12 packs of highly caffeinated and sugary drinks, to stay awake for overnight recording sessions. A total carnival for the macabre. 

What manifested was a fist sized tumor pushing through my rib cage, teaching myself to play guitar, the creation of the first digitally watermarked CD with the father of the tech Scott Moskowitz, support from Duran Duran's John Taylor, a relapse, a stem cell transplant, and the creation of "I.V Catatonia" [during my first 6 months of chemotherapy]...the 4-track album that launched my career.

It's over 4 hours long, and was actually twice that, but in order to focus on the main bits, I had to cut it way down. My goal is to get this to anyone who is going through what I went through, to provide a distraction...an escape...some hope, and some encouragement to channel the bad into something good.

If you or someone near to you is going through the same thing, PM me, and I'll send you a private free link to listen to/pass on.

If I've tagged you, it's because either you, or your kin are either mentioned, or anonymously referred to in the album dialogue itself. 

Now there are people mentioned who aren't tagged below, who are not referred to by name, but only by actions. Some nice footnotes in time, and some who deserved upside down crucifixion. If I describe you as being part of the latter and didn't mention your name...YOU'RE WELCOME.

To download, and/or stream:  https://music.apple.com/us/album/i-v-catatonia-20-years-as-a-two-time-cancer-survivor/1477825540?fbclid=IwAR0eZLvq7PeUWp72rtVNFLCCjknNr_P94lTZmfSWAPnSBkyvOd5tYIm7l88