To keep in best proximity of my creativity, is really the best place.  I like Instagram, it's great for creative people, and there are a lot of interested open minds on there.  I post all sorts of music clips in the works and out, my travel photos, my films, my graphic art, and the occasional 4 wheeled mechanical beast.

For a more generalized set of updates, is best.  I find Facebook boring as hell, and less engaging than Instagram, so I tend to spend more time on Instagram as I like to look at cars, album art, modern art, and laugh at all of the wedgies.  On Facebook you post your work and get minimal reaction, but the hot girl from high school posts a picture of her dog and gets 200 likes.  That's because FB knows you have multiple pages, and suppresses your exposure to get you to pay for ads.  Same goes for Instagram if you have a business page, so I keep mine as a personal page.  It's all garbage, but unfortunately a necessity in this day and age.'s just beyond me, I couldn't care less really.  FB and Twitter are all politics, people's personal BS, and articles from music mags about music I'll literally never care to listen to.  So Instagram is cool.  Straight and to the point.

I'm not on Spotify, and have minimal bits on YouTube.  I don't believe in giving away free content as is to benefit someone else.  I've written about this a lot as an industry contributor in Recording Magazine.  Previews and altered promo tracks, sure fine, but to stream a new album/song clean on someone else's site so that they can make ad dollars off of you just because...what am I stupid?  Now if I were touring, I'd change my mind as then it basically serves to promote a tour.  Would love to just go out for time on end and play, but currently family has precedence.  The things musicians have to give up to make sure one's kids has parents.  No complaints.  I do like Vimeo though.  A more streamlined presentation.

Love, Me